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Let's Get Married!!

I obtained my American Marriage Ministry Certificate back in 2018 and it was the best decision I have ever made! After being in the wedding industry for some time, I knew my heart was even more full when I performed wedding ceremonies for my clients.

The best part of the wedding celebration is joining two souls at the CEREMONY! After-all, this is the main reason we come together on this day with our loved ones, isn't it?

As a wedding officiant, I love creating custom ceremonies that correlate to the couple's relationship and everything in between. In my meeting, I start with asking them questions to get to know them: how they met, nicknames they give each other, places they have visited, their ups and downs, their children, their animals and of course, MUSIC. Everyones lives are touched by music one way or another and that is what sets my ceremonies apart from others.

There is a lot of thought on how to structure the ceremony, so it's no easy task unless you have these details and the usual formalities to make the marriage legal. Your friends and family members may obtain their certificate online and perform the ceremony, yes, but please give them valuable information that can be incorporated into the script. In some states, you need witnesses and others you can self-unite.

After the ceremony, the paperwork will be sent via mail or in person within an allotted time to the courts so it can be recorded and considered a legal marriage. I like to follow up when it is recorded and make sure they receive their certificate with the raised seal. I can advise on the next steps if they would like to change their name on documents, etc.

I have performed ceremonies, table-side in an upscale restaurant, a living room, parks, Philadelphia, Montgomery and Bucks counties, and soon to be Ireland and Las Vegas.

I look forward to performing many more special ceremonies, so if you know anyone getting married or would like to renew their vows, please contact me!

Cheers and love,

Dawn Marie McCarthy, Owner

Gemelli Events

Wedding Officiant

Photo Credit: @LaurenVaughanPhotography - Lauren Vaughan #weddingvows #laurenvaughanphotography #ido #marriageceremonies #weddingofficiant

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